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How do I schedule a training session?
Simply click on the "Contact Us" tab, e-mail or call with your request. We will e-mail or call to set up a specific place and time.

How much are the different courses?
Traid Trainers Inc. has done a pricing market study with the different training providers in the marketplace, and is able to provide these courses at the lowest end of the cost spectrum.

I am not a professional health care provider nor am I required to have any kind of certification for my job, but I still want to get certified to perform CPR and First Aid. Can I still get certified?
Yes. Triad Trainers Inc. will teach any individual or group whether certification is required as part of a job or not.

How often do I need to get recertified?
Requirements vary by state, occupation, or training function. We suggest checking with your state, employer, or provider. Currently, CPR, First Aid, and AED training taught by Triad Trainers Inc. lasts for 2 years. Traid Trainers Inc. will also assist individuals, groups, and companies with recertification reminders.

Our company has 100 employees. Can you teach all of them?
Yes. Generally, Triad Trainers Inc. teaches classes from a minimum of 4 people, to a maximum of 32 people. For more than 32 people, special accomodations will be made.

If our organization reserves a training class for 12 people, and only 6 people show up, do we have to pay for all 12 people?
No. However, because Triad Trainers Inc. must have, and pay, a certain number of assistants for a certain number of participants, the organization will be responsible for 1/2 price for all no shows.